Gozney Roccbox Best Garden Investment

6 reasons why a Gozney Roccbox is the best garden investment you’ll ever make

Pizza ovens are the hottest trend in outdoor cooking right now, with the best ovens reaching temperatures of 950°F and cooking pizzas to perfection in just 60 seconds.

So if you’re thinking a Gozney Roccbox pizza oven might be the perfect addition to your backyard cooking adventures but want a little convincing, read on...

1. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh wood-fired pizza

There’s a reason all the great pizzaiolos cook on wood - the flavor and aroma from wood-fired cooking is second to none and indoor home ovens simply can’t compete. The Gozney Roccbox can use either wood or gas, so you always have the flexibility, yet innovative flame technology means that the Roccbox always recreates a traditional yellow rolling flame associated with wood-fired cooking.

2. Made by Pro Oven Experts

Years of experience creating the very best commercial pizza ovens for top chefs all around the world has taught us a thing or two about what’s needed to cook the perfect pizza and we’ve used this knowledge as the foundations for our Roccbox design….

  • Super-efficient, thick layers of insulation between the inner shell and outer casing allow the Roccbox to reach up to 500°C and retain that heat for longer, so you can cook pizza after pizza without a drop in quality or ever having to wait for the oven to heat back up.
  • The 19mm ultra thick cordierite stone floor in the Roccbox absorbs heat and holds it for unbeatable heat retention, cooking your pizza from the bottom up. Its microporous composition also draws moisture from the dough as it bakes, making your pizza bases beautifully crispy. Soggy bases are a thing of the past!

3. Simple to use

Ready to use, right out of the box the Roccbox has been designed to make outdoor cooking effortless as well as exciting. There are plenty of extra features to help turn you into a pizza pro in no time:

  • Built-in thermometer: means you’ll never be left guessing when your oven is ready to cook, or when your food is done.
  • Two detachable burner systems: interchangeable enabling you to effortlessly switch between wood or gas fired cooking depending on the occasion.
  • Retractable legs: make it easy to pack up and fit in the car ready for your next adventure.

4. The best rated pizza oven

We know what you’re thinking. “This is written by Gozney, of course they think the Roccbox is a good idea.” Well, don’t just listen to us, listen to our thousands of happy customers. Rated 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot, our customers love both Roccbox and our customer service.

Our lovely customers would all tell you to buy your Roccbox now, as you won’t regret it!

5. Safe for all the family

The Silicon SafeTouch™ jacket on the outside of the Roccbox means any wandering hands won’t get burned, making the Roccbox the perfect family-friendly garden gadget.

And because the silicon jacket comes in two different colors, olive green or grey, you can coordinate the Roccbox with your backyard decor. Stylish and safe - boom!


6. Built to last

The Roccbox is practically bomb-proof. Using thick 304 grade stainless steel throughout, this beautiful beast of an oven is built for adventure and will stand the test of time.

Plus you get extra peace of mind with an extended five year warranty.