Gozney News


We borrowed on our expertise in innovation and creativity of product design to create this epic Gozney kitchen.

We’ve given our in-house kitchen a facelift – and it was about time! Not only have we picked up the paint brushes and included new fixtures, but we’ve also kitted it out with an oven from our brand-new Black Edition range – the perfect combination of tradition, innovation and style.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s the same with our office. We regularly welcome professional pizza fanatics behind the curtain to rustle up some of their signature dishes using our professional-grade ovens – in fact, you may have spotted some on our YouTube channel.

Out with the old

The decision to replace our previous kitchen was a no-brainer, especially as we didn’t have any of our range of large ovens to cook on. Although the original was fit for purpose, we couldn’t help but think it was a little drab, and as we’re continuing to welcome renowned chefs through out doors this year, we wanted to make sure they felt as at home with us as they do in their own kitchen.

From creating new cupboards and shelving, to factoring in space for a purpose-built area that the new oven would sit in, we carefully planned the revamp to replace the previously bland kitchen with one that shows our true personality as well as reflecting a relaxed, yet professional, fully-stocked kitchen.

In with the new.

Taking over from a solitary Roccbox, our new sleek and dare we say it, damn good-looking, Black Edition 75mm x 100mm is nothing short of epic. Not only does its modular nature make it easy to install, but there was also no need to mess about with cranes or open up walls due to its patented modular and fast-installation system, making it easy to get it into place, so we were done and dusted (new cupboards, counter tops, oven and all) in around two weeks.

With the oven in its new home, it also gives our foodie visitors the potential to prepare dishes using either Roccbox or Black Edition, as well as the choice to either cook with the convenience of gas or hark back to times gone by and fire up the wood oven.

The kitchen’s maiden voyage.

Our new kitchen was ready to fire up at the start of the year, making the the visit by PickyWops, an Italian duo with a veritable passion for great, authentic vegan food, additionally special. It’s safe to say they were pretty impressed with its high performance as well as the unique design aesthetic. The double-enamelled cast iron entrance has a wonderfully matt black look that’s not only durable, but also offsets the polished white dome for an oven that sits perfectly in any type of garden or restaurant. Our new Black Edition oven really does look at home and makes the perfect centre-piece to our new Gozney Kitchen.