Gozney Launches Interactive Kitchen

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Gozney Launches Interactive Kitchen

The Gozney team are eager to announce the launch of their new 1100 Sq. ft. fully equipped test kitchen and media channel. The kitchen launches in 2018 along with Gozney’s fresh new web look, offering Gozney users comprehensive support and foodie inspiration.

The kitchen will be part of Gozney’s new media channel which will feature the hottest recipes and special guests, cooking fresh ingredients in new and inventive ways. Delivering deliciousness directly to your inbox or available anytime through the channel, viewers can expect new and inspiring foodie content, including tips and tricks on how to get the most from their Gozney.

The Kitchen hopes to prove that good food doesn’t need to be complicated, reigniting appreciation for the brilliance of home cooking. Hoping to attract a curious viewer, the kitchen will act as an innovative, interactive guide on cooking with fire and stone. With the new Gozney Kitchen being a fully equipped filming studio, subscribers can view beautifully shot, short, practical videos which can be easily accessed remotely, for ‘on hand cooking advice’.

Users can expect serious inspiration on what they should eat next, filmed and edited by a team of hungry creatives obsessed with great food.

The kitchen will also include expert reviews and independent feedback from Gozney users, as well as their top tips. Special guests will be invited to cook in the kitchen, in addition to live feeds with Gozney’s In-House Chef Joe for customer Q&As.

Tom Gozney, Gozney’s Founder & CEO, wanted to launch the kitchen to meet a simple goal; “It’s about encouraging inquisitive, adventurous cooking to produce diverse food worth sharing”.

The kitchen features modular counters which can interchange oven models, situated under commercial extraction for filming on demand. The team will also hit the road for on-location street food festivities and festivals, capturing real time, flavourful cooking tips for sharing throughout the platform.

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