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Roccbox First Five Recipes

New to Roccbox? Then this blog is for you! We’ve put together the First Five recipes we think you’ve just GOT to try as you get to know your new favourite cooking buddy. Ranging from pizza to vegetables these beginners recipes are a great starting point for any new Roccbox owner.

Narrowing down our favourite recipes for Roccbox beginners was tough, but we think these 5 give a little glimpse into some of the awesome things that Roccbox is capable of.

Meat that’s juicy and moist but beautifully crusted on the outside and vegetables that are so good they’ll make you consider never eating meat again. And of course, there’s pizza.

Our website is packed full of dough recipes (that you’ll no doubt be exploring as you become increasingly pizza obsessed!) and we’ve included the best beginners dough recipes in our list as well as a brilliant use of leftover dough. 

Here’s our recommended First Five:

1. Simple Pizza Dough

You’ve got yourself an outdoor pizza oven so obviously you want to cook pizza! Our simple dough recipe does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s a dough recipe that is simple and will work with good old fashioned bread flour as well as fancy pizza flours.

A lot of pizza dough recipes ferment for up to 72 hours (with brilliantly delicious consequences) but this dough is ready the same day. As you progress you may want to explore slower rising doughs and even grab a turning peel that allows you to keep the pizza in the oven for the entire bake but this quick dough is a great one for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

2. Bone In Rib Of Beef

We know it’s a ‘pizza’ oven but honestly, amazing things happen to meat in fiercely hot and dry environments. In truth, any cut of beef tastes phenomenal when cooked in a Roccbox, but we’d recommend trying this super simple bone in rib of beef that’s cooked simply with garlic, butter and herbs to really highlight what’s achievable with meat in a 950oF/500oC stone oven.

3. Detroit Pizza

Detroit style pizza is an absolute favourite at Gozney HQ - and with good reason! This easy dough recipe makes a bouncy dough that has edges so crispy people have been known to fight over them. A must bake.

4. Cauliflower Steak

Charring vegetables with fire is one of the tastiest, healthiest and fun ways to cook them, and this recipe really makes the veg the star of the show.

Something magical happens to a chunky piece of cauliflower (and most veg!) once in Roccbox and under the rolling flame. Add a generous helping of butter, some lemon and capers and you’ve got a stunning vegetable main that will just be the start of your new love affair with fire and vegetables.

5. Meatball Panouzzo

On occasions you may find you have a couple of leftover dough balls (not as hungry as you thought?) and you should NEVER throw these away, as even old dough can make something incredible.

This meatball panuozzo is an awesome way to turn dough that was destined for the bin into a flavour packed Italian style sandwich with tomato sauce and oozy mozzarella cheese. It will have you deliberately making too much dough every time, in no time at all.

So there are our recommended First Five recipes to get you started with Roccbox. Once you’ve tried these check out the rest of our recipes here. Enjoy!