Uncrate Roccbox Review


Uncrate Roccbox Review


Highly portable yet surprisingly spacious, the Roccbox Outdoor Oven is ideal for the on-the-go chef. It’s body is made from multiple layers of stainless steel, with an insulated jacket and silicone outer sleeve. It can run off of gas or wood, heats up to 500º C in just 15 minutes, and has folding legs to make its 44 pounds that much easier to move. And while it can cook anything from meats to desserts, it’s real skill lies in pizza-making, thanks to an insulated internal stone floor and the ability to cook a 12-inch pie in just 90 seconds.

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  • Puchased a new roccbox.
    Came as defective, the metal base does not line up with the above dome creating a gapping issue. That could leave to performance and safety issue. Such as heat management, fuel Debris fall in and catch fire or moisture collects and cause rust and damage. At this price range and looking at the reputation of gozney I absolutely expected better.

    Steven Yoo on