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What to serve with pizza

Maybe you’ve only just bought an outdoor pizza oven, maybe you’re a Dough Doctor with a Phd in pizza styles, either way, deciding what to serve with pizza often requires a bit of head scratching and can make or break a great pizza party.

In truth, the answer is probably ‘good friends and good drinks’ but that’s not why you’re here. You’re looking for pizza side dishes - not the star of the show!

Thankfully, Gozney Roccbox is far from a one trick pony and is equally awesome at producing stunning sides as it is at conjuring the perfect pizza. You’re not just going to raise your side game with our Roccbox pizza oven - it’ll be lifted so high that you’ll need a step ladder to reach it! There’s a good chance you’ll become a Professor of pizza side dishes with a TED Talk on ‘What To Serve With Pizza’.

From sticky chicken wings to spicy vegan cauliflower, we’ve put together our favourite pizza side dishes so you’ll never be stuck for what to serve with pizza ever again! Oh, and if you’re not sure what dessert to go with pizza, there might be something of interest near the end of the list.

Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread

If you’re just starting out making pizzas, then a cheesy garlic bread is a great way to master your dough stretching technique. And if you’re already a pizza expert? Well, you probably still love garlic bread (who doesn’t?!), and this is a really good one.

Selin's Cauliflower

Vegan, spicy, charred cauliflower might just be the best pizza side dish you’ve never thought of. When Selin Kiazim shared her Turkish inspired delight with us at Gozney she could quite possibly have converted the entire team to veganism. It’s that good.

Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings

These wings are so good they’d make Paul McCartney change his old band name to include ‘sticky sesame chicken’ in their moniker. Super easy, with Roccbox and the rolling flame doing all the heavy lifting, these make a great side to any pizza feast. Just make sure there’s plenty of napkins.


Another pizza side dish that requires napkins but the older I get the more convinced I am this is true of all the best sides - and this really is one of the best side dishes. Mexican street corn, or Elotes are normally served with specific Mexican cheeses but our version uses easily accessible feta and parmesan. Smothered with garlic mayo after being charred in the pizza oven these are so easy to cook you might feel like you’re cheating!

Dough Nutz

What is a good dessert to go with pizza? Why more pizza of course! Well, kind of.
These Dough Nutz are a brilliant use of leftover dough (whatever state it’s in - over-proofed is almost better!) as well as being an indulgent treat to finish the party with. A spectacular nutella ganache and sprinkle of hazelnuts make these an absolute show stopper that people will regret not leaving room for!