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Beef Short Ribs and Wild Mushrooms

By Brad Leone

Beef Short Ribs and Wild Mushrooms

Beef Short Ribs and Wild Mushrooms

@brad_leone is known for his love of foraging in the great outdoors. In a serene setting of the Utah mountains, Brad combines two of his favorite ingredients – wild mushrooms and beef short rib. All cooked in the limited-edition Brad Leone Roccbox.


1 Onion 

450g/16 Oz Mushrooms (of your choice). Brad uses: Oyster, Shiitake, King Trumpet and Beech Mushrooms 

250g/9 Oz Beef Short Rib 

Sprig of Rosemary  

Pinch of Rock Salt  

Pinch dried oregano  

Beef broth (to taste and texture) 

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Step 1:

Heat a cast-iron pan in the Roccbox at around 400°C/750°F.

Step 2:

Slice 1 onion and your selection of mushrooms.

Step 3:

Place into the pre-heated cast iron pan with a splash of olive oil and cook in Roccbox, stirring regularly, until everything has cooked down.

Step 4:

Whilst the mushrooms and onions are cooking, chop down some dried Oregano and Rosemary into some rock salt. Crush and slice two cloves of garlic.

Step 5:

Cut the beef short rip into thin slices. Remove the onions and mushrooms from the cast-iron pan and place to one side. Add the beef strips into the pan and place into Roccbox.

Step 6:

Once cooked through, remove from Roccbox, and add the onion and mushroom mix back in, along with the rosemary salt and some beef broth. Cook down for a further 5 minutes in Roccbox on a low heat. Add more beef broth if needed.

Step 7:

Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Contributor

Brad Leone

Brad Leone is a bona fide Swiss army knife - a trained chef, avid outdoorsman, skilled carpenter, entrepreneur, author, fermentation addict and beloved-by-millions internet star. He brings the fun to cooking with fire and has most recently collaborated with Gozney to launch a special edition Brad Leone Roccbox.


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