Breakfast Pizza Recipe | Gozney . pizza oven

Breakfast Pizza Recipe | Gozney

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 430 degrees
  • Easy
  • Guest Chef Pizza
  • Serves 1
  • 5 mins plus dough prep time

Breakfast Pizza Recipe | Gozney

Breakfast Pizza Recipe | Gozney . pizza oven

Have you ever thought about combining two of the best meals – breakfast and pizza? Well Chris Roberts aka @flamebaster has done it for you in this epic Breakfast Pizza recipe. With bacon, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, black pudding and an egg yolk on top, it’s the ultimate wakeup call/ hangover cure you’ve been waiting for.

Step 1:

Precook your bacon, sausage, hash brown and mushrooms.

Step 2:

Pre heat your Gozney Roccbox or Gozney Dome to 430°C/800°F.

Step 3:

Open up your dough ball, if you need a recipe, we recommend our Simple Dough Recipe here.

Step 4:

Cover half the base with baked beans and the other half with your tinned tomatoes. 

Step 5:

Sprinkle over your cheddar (Flamebaster uses Welsh cheddar of course but you can choose whatever is your favourite).

Step 6:

Place the pizza onto your pizza peel and cook in your Gozney pizza oven for approximately 60-90 seconds, rotating regularly to ensure the dough is cooked on all sides.

Step 7:

Crack your egg yolk in the middle of the pizza, and fire up in the oven for an additional 10 seconds.

Step 8:

Once cooked, top with brown sauce, slice and enjoy the best breakfast you’ll ever taste.

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