Halloumi & Pesto Veg Skewers

Halloumi & Pesto Veg Skewers

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 402 degrees
  • Easy
  • Vegetarian
  • 2
  • 20 mins

These skewers make an amazing midweek meal with a jar of store bought pesto but can be giving a more glamorous life with some lovingly homemade stuff! Either way, they’re super delicious and quick to make.

Halloumi & Pesto Veg Skewers

Step 1;

Mix together the pesto and oil and set to one side. Cut all the vegetables and cheese into 1-2inch pieces and place the vegetables into one bowl, and the cheese in another.

Step 2;

Spoon a third of the marinade into each bowl and toss together. I like to marinade for an hour or two (normally whilst the skewers are soaking) but these work with no marinade time just fine.

Step 3;

Skewer the vegetables and the cheese onto separate skewers (this will ensure everything cooks perfectly) and set to one side.

Step 4;

Heat a grill pan in Roccbox for a few minutes, add the skewers to the hot pan and return to Roccbox.

Step 5;

Cook for around 6-8 minutes rotating and moving the skewers to ensure even cooking. You can remove any skewer that is cooked to your liking whilst leaving the others to continue cooking.

Step 6;

Once all the skewers are on a serving platter or plate drizzle over the last bit of marinade and top with the toasted pine nuts. I like to take everything off the skewers and toss it through a big salad but they’re great however you want to eat them.