Maple Glazed Peaches, Mascarpone & Toasted Almonds Recipe - Roccbox

Maple Glazed Peaches, Mascarpone & Toasted Almonds

What to know?

  • 450 degrees
  • 4

Summer means peaches are at their absolute finest – take advantage of that with this incredibly naughty recipe! Look for peaches that are pretty firm as too ripe peaches will have too much natural sugar and burn before they’re softened!  

Maple Glazed Peaches, Mascarpone & Toasted Almonds


1. As Roccbox is coming up to temperature, toast the almonds and set to one side.

2. Mix together the maple butter ingredients and leave at room temperature until required.

3. Pre heat a pan in Roccbox and rub the flesh side of the peaches with a little sunflower oil.

4. When the pan is hot, add the peaches flesh side down and press down firmly before returning the pan to Roccbox to allow the peaches to cook for around 4-6 minutes (this will be dependent on how ripe the peaches are!).

5. Flip the peaches over, add a spoonful of the butter to each halve and return the pan to Roccbox to cook for another 2-3 minutes. You want the peaches to be softened, but not mushy.

6. Transfer the peaches to a plate, pouring over any melted maple butter as you do so, pop a teaspoon of mascarpone onto each halve, sprinkle over the toasted almonds, grate over the orange zest and garnish with a couple of mint sprigs.