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Pepperoni Stromboli Pizza

By Ines Glaser @lupacotta

Pepperoni Stromboli Pizza

Pepperoni Stromboli Pizza

Cheese lovers pay attention. This epic, cheesy, pepperoni stromboli wreath pizza is a must-make for your next pizza session. Simple, easy, but packs a flavour punch. Brought to you by Gozney ambassador and Cali queen, Ines Glaser (aka @lupacotta).


8 oz / 227g pepperoni roughly chopped 

Dry shredded mozzarella 

Pecorino Romano 

Pepper Jack cheese 

1 egg yolk & 2 tablespoons water  

pizza dough (200 g/ 7 Oz)  

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Step 1:

Preheat your Gozney Pizza Oven to 700°F/370°C.

Step 2:

Shred your pepperoni into rough slices.

Step 3:

Roll out your pizza dough to roughly a 10 X 16-inch rectangle.

Step 4:

In the middle of the dough, layer on cheese & chopped pepperoni.

Step 5:

Roll up tightly, tuck in the ends, and with a sharp knife add a few slits on top.  Brush with egg wash.  

Step 6:

Bake low and slow until golden brown, turning constantly to cook evenly.

Step 7:

Cut the Stromboli into 8 pieces, drizzle with hot honey, having some tomato sauce on side to dip and enjoy.

Recipe Contributor

Ines Glaser @lupacotta

Ines is an incredible pizza chef based in Venice, California, known for throwing the best pizza parties, catering private events and teaching people how to create pro pies with her pop-up business Lupa Cotta.


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