Racket Pizza Recipe - Gozney

Racket Pizza by Mike Fitzick

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 400 degrees
  • Guest Chef Pizza
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‘Mike Fitzick, also known as The Pizza Jew recently flew over to Gozney HQ to share his tips and tricks for the perfect Roccbox pizzas. 

Racket Pizza by Mike Fitzick

In this video he shares his Racket Pizza recipe that combines half pizza and half calzone. This pizza really is the best of both worlds!

Step 1;

Stretch your dough ball into around a 12 inch pizza base. Place your hand onto the centre of the base and pull one edge out to create a teardrop shape.

Step 2;

Fill the stretched edge of the pizza with pepperoni and cheese before folding this on top of itself to seal. Top the remainder of the pizza with the san marzano mix, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and a sprinkling of oregano and pecorino romano.

Step 3;

Once your Roccbox is up to 400°C, turn the flame down to its lowest setting. Pull the handle of the pizza upwards onto your Gozney pizza peel and move into Roccbox. Leave to cook for around 30 seconds until the crust closest to the flame begins to tan. Turn the pizza and leave to cook, turning every 30 seconds until the crust is evenly tanned.

Step 4;

Turn the flame in Roccbox back up to its highest setting and cook for a further minute under Roccboxes rolling flame, continually turning.

Step 5;

Sprinkle over a little more pecorino romano and oregano and serve!