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Smash Burgers

By Rasheed Philips

Smash Burgers

Smash Burgers

Looking for the perfect summer dish? Check out this ultimate smash burger recipe by the incredible Rasheed Philips.


16oz / 454g Ground Beef 80/20 mix 

cheese slices  

4 slices of thick cut bacon 

6 mushrooms, chopped  

1 tomato, sliced thin 

1 onion, sliced 

Beef rub, season to taste 

Salt to taste (optional) 

Black pepper to taste (optional) 

4 brioche buns 

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Step 1:

Get your Gozney Roccbox temperature up to 350°C/660°F using gas or wood. Cook up roughly 4 slices of bacon in a skillet pan in the Roccbox. Keep the grease in the pan and remove the bacon.  

Step 2:

Divide your ground beef into 4 x 4oz beef patties. 

Step 3:

Place the skillet back in the oven and add in your beef patties. Using a sheet of wax paper and a paper plate or a baking sheet covered with cold water firmly pressed down on your beef patties until evenly flat. Repeat the steps until all patties are formed. 

Step 4:

Top your patties with beef rub. Add the sliced mushrooms to the pan and cook for roughly 2-3 minutes per side or until the internal desired temperature is reached. 

Step 5:

 Top the beef patties with your favorite kind of cheese. Rasheed’s tip: Coat the outside with a little bit of butter and some leftover bacon fat to achieve that crunchy flavorful exterior.

Step 6:

Toast your brioche buns in the oven. Next up it's time to build your burger. Add your mushrooms to the bun. 

Step 7:

Top with sliced tomato and onions. You can caramelize or pickle your onions if you prefer. 

Step 8:

Add your beef patty and bacon. Cut on the diagonal and enjoy. 

Recipe Contributor

Rasheed Philips

Rasheed Philips is the ultimate pit-master from @philipsbarbequeco. Renowned for incredible open fire cooking with unbeatable flavour.


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