Veg Trio

Veg Trio

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 450 degrees
  • Vegetarian
  • 2-4
  • 1 hours (for all 3 dishes)

Roccbox is great for cooking vegetables and gives them a whole new lease of life compared to traditional cooking techniques. These thanksgiving inspired side dishes are a great starting point if you’ve only ever used Roccbox for pizza so far – they’re so quick to do, you might even avoid having to put a coat on!  

Veg Trio

Step 1;

Place the sweet potato in a cast iron tray, drizzle with olive oil and season well.

Step 2;

Mix the butter with the maple syrup and toss over the sweet potatoes. Split the cinnamon stick and add to the tray before covering with foil and popping into Roccbox to cook for 6 minutes, rotating halfway through the cooking process.

Step 3;

Remove the foil and toss the sweet potatoes in the melted maple butter before serving.

Step 4;

Place the baby carrots in a cast iron tray, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle over smokey paprika and season well.

Step 5;

Cover with foil and cook for 6 minutes, rotating halfway through the cook time. Remove the foil and add the pistachios to the pan.

Step 6;

Turn the flame down to its lowest setting and pop the carrots and pistachios back into Roccbox for 30 seconds to toast the nuts slightly.

Step 7;

Transfer the carrots and nuts to a plate and drizzle over the yoghurt.

Step 8;

For the beans, turn Roccbox back up to full whack, put the lardons into a cold pan with a small lug of olive oil before popping into Roccbox to allow the fat to render, shaking the bacon at regular intervals.

Step 9;

After around 4 minutes, the fat will have rendered and the bacon will be crisping up – at this point, add the onion and season with a little salt and a good twist of black pepper.

Step 10;

Add the beans and return to Roccbox for a final minute to warm everything through.