Dean Petty

Surfer + Food Lover

Canadian surfer, coffee guy, pizza maker and part-time home builder.

  • Hometown North Shore
  • Occupation Surfer + Food Lover
With more froth than a dry cappuccino, Dean Petty is a surfer dude, pizza man, coffee guy and amateur designer/builder bro. Originally hailing from Maine, this talented slider has carved an eclectic notch for himself in town and on the point breaks of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Though geographically freezing cold, Petty keeps it cooking. Keeping his fire fueled by roasting beans at Anchored Coffee (@anchoredcoffee) in Dartmouth, making wheel at Yeah Yeahs Pizza (@yeahyeahspizza) and chipping away at his slice of heaven (@campbueno); an ocean front compound with pinch-your-self views and a tasty little surf break out front.
This caffeine and pizza propelled log riding specialist spends more time than most on the nose, but is not one to discriminate. Holding down a super diverse quiver in life; he shreds everything and anything that floats, pertains to coffee, has cheese on it, or needs building with a classic style and an infectious energy that warms even the coldest line up.