Luis Perez

Pizza Chef
United States

Pizza chef who brings a slice of Italy to Rochester, New York with his Peels on Wheels Pizza Garage.

  • Hometown New York
  • Occupation Pizza Chef
Buying a Roccbox kickstarted Luis Perez's mobile pizza business back in 2019. He mounted four Roccbox ovens on the back of his 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape van to serve Neapolitan style pizza in Rochester, NY. Since then, Luis opened his own slice shop the 'Pizza Garage' and has a loyal customer base coming back week after week for their pizza fix. He is a Bronx, NY native and pizza has been an integral part of daily life since childhood. He is committed to learning a variety of styles of pizza with having the knowledge to execute over seven different styles. Luis loves sharing his passion and knowledge for pizza with others and teaches courses on regional styles.


America’s most popular pizza styles

America is a diverse and delicious melting pot - especially when it comes to pizza. From the thick & fluffy Detroit-style square slices to the crispy & classic New York-style, there's a variety of pizza to explore across the country.

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