Frank Pinello

Pizza Chef + Restaurateur
United States

Pizza maker. Owner of Best Pizza in Brooklyn, New York. Host of 'That Pizza Show'

  • Hometown New York
  • Occupation Pizza Chef + Restaurateur
Frank's a big name in New York city's pizza scene. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he found his love for pizza at a young age. He's travelled all over the world in search of the perfect slice, visiting pizzerias around the world and immersing himself in the culture, but he always comes back to his roots in Brooklyn.
Frank studied at the Culinary Industry of America and in 2010 opened his first pizzeria - Best Pizza in Williamsburg which quickly became a hit with the neighbourhood and visitors to the area. His focus is on using the best high-quality ingredients and traditional methods which is why he's become a household name among pizza aficionados.
A New York Times review of the restaurant led to Frank’s role as the charismatic host of "The Pizza Show" on Vice and other various food related shows, captivating audiences worldwide and sharing his love of pizza and expertise.
Frank's friendly lovable demeanour makes him a pleasure to hang out and cook with.