Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Pro Skier
United States

Legendary pro skier and pizza enthusiast.

  • Hometown Oregon
  • Occupation Pro Skier
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is a professional athlete and film maker residing in Bend, Oregon. As a pro skier, he's starred in over 30 films and counting throughout his career. In the summer, mountain biking takes over and provides a similar outlet and experience to balance out the winter months in the snow.
In addition to being a professional athlete, Sage is a family man, and cooking has been a long time passion of his, both for enjoyment, as well as nourishment for his family. As a teenager, he grew up in Wyoming skiing and mountain biking in the Teton range, where his first job was at the local hand thrown pizza restaurant. There he learned the process of making pizza, and in addition to working on the line, he was a dishwasher and delivery driver for the rural area. Driving pizzas around in an old Toyota truck, up and down a large rural valley provided him excitement as a youth, and working in the kitchen gave him a deep set love for pizza and the art of pizza making.
For Sage, pizza is a true passion. The process of making dough, sauce, sourcing toppings and arranging pizzas is an art form that he connects with and enjoys on a deep level. On top of a love for pizza making Sage spends a ton of time in the outdoors, camping both in winter and summer as well as spending time on his outdoor patio, sharing the joys of cooking outdoors with his friends and family. A regular summer activity involves gatherings to enjoy the property, patio, and delicious outdoor cooking at home or on the road. The Gozney Dome and Roccbox have been critical for these outdoor cooking adventures, and has continued to fuel his passion and love for the outdoors as well as the joy of cooking, eating, and creating.