Easy Vegetarian Pizza Recipes For Veggie Lovers | Gozney . Roccbox

Easy Vegetarian Pizza Recipes For Veggie Lovers | Gozney

Who says meat lovers get to have all the fun? This week we have decided to put together a list of truly mouth-watering vegetarian pizzas from our Gozney guest chefs - even meat-eaters will be drooling over!

Our extensive collection of vegetarian pizzas includes fresh and flavourful toppings like aubergine bacon, goat cheese, roasted pumpkin and much more. So, whether you are a fan of classic vegetarian pizza toppings or you are looking for new flavours, we have it all!

It is time to fire up your pizza oven, get the toppings ready and surprise your friends and family with some delicious vegetarian pizzas!

Goat's Cheese & Red Onion Marmalade Thin & Crispy Pizza

One of the most popular veggie pizzas at Gozney HQ! This simple but flavourful recipe combines the goat's cheese tang with the sweetness of the red onions marmalade. The perfect combination for your next pizza party!


Picky Wops Vegan Pizza Recipe

 This recipe is simply amazing, the vegan cheese is delicious and the turmeric pizza base is to die-for. This pizza was a hit here at Gozney HQ! Whether you are vegan or not, these are a must try! 


Pickled Onion, Rosemary & Potato Pizza

We’ve spent the last veganuary putting this vegan parmesan on pretty much everything - but it seriously shines on this carb on carb potato pizza… 


Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

Cauliflower cheese has to be one of the best comfort foods in the world! We’ve made a luxurious but light cheese sauce and paired it with Roccbox charred cauliflower on a Neapolitan base. 


Jerusalem Artichoke, Wild Mushroom & Pine Nut Pizza

This incredible purée base and combination of toppings make this one of my absolute go to veggie pizza recipes. No need to add any cheese on this pizza as the flavours and textures are so in sync you don’t even miss it! 


Vegemite, Garlic Butter & Cheese Pizza

Vegemite and Marmite can be pretty polarising flavours but this combination has won over a few haters in our office. The butter and cheese takeaway some of the freshness of the spread but without diluting it too much for the true vegemite aficionados… 


Greens, Chilli & Lemon Oil Pizza

We’ve used our sourdough pizza dough for this awesome veggie pizza but it’ll work on any Neapolitan dough. You can use whatever greens are in season making it a great one for any time of year. 


Spicy Margherita NY Style Pizza

The Margherita is considered a classic for a reason - the flavours just marry together so well! This incredibly delicious spicy tomato sauce and vibrant basil oil maintain all the familiar flavours we all know and love - but the slight heat and distribution of toppings give it a pleasing twist that you should definitely try next time you fire up your pizza oven… 


Thin & Crispy Pizza

A 48 hour ferment means this dough takes on the most incredible flavour and the addition of olive oil, coupled with a lower temperature, 5 minute bake time, results in the most incredible thin and crispy sourdough pizza. Definitely worth the wait…. 

Okay, it is time to turn your outdoor oven on and get to work! Why don't you share your vegetarian pizza recipe with us, just use the #gozneykitchen!