How to use your Roccbox during winter - Cooking outside all year long!

How to use your Gozney Pizza Oven during winter - Cooking outside all year long!

There’s nothing like the taste of a freshly cooked pizza, so why wait until winter is over to fire up your Gozney Outdoor Oven again?

Yes, the weather outside is frightful, but we can’t think about a better way to keep ourselves warm than having some home cooked pizza! With that in mind, we have prepared some tips to help you make the most out of your Gozney outdoor oven this winter.

Can I use my pizza oven in the winter?

Absolutely yes, you can use your Roccbox during winter. Its dense insulation between inner shell and outer casing helps retain heat even during cold weather. Keep in mind, if particularly cold we recommend a low slow fire up to prevent thermal shock to the stone. Slowly increase your pizza oven temperature just like the first time you used it.

If below freezing temperatures, the gas could freeze which could impact flame size and performance. We recommend, if living in a really cold region, to try to keep your Roccbox in a shed or garage to protect further from the elements, it helps to heat up from room temp for faster and more efficient fire up.

Protect your Gozney pizza oven

Use your Roccbox cover or a Dome Cover to protect your pizza oven from the elements!

Constructed from double-lined, 900D polyester waterproof material the Roccbox cover will keep off rain, snow, wind and sunlight during storage.

Made from marine grade, weather resistant materials, the Dome cover gives complete protection from rain, wind, frost, UV, salt, insects and wildlife, while remaining breathable to let moisture escape when it needs to.

Winter Recipes

Now that you are ready to face winter and fire up your Roccbox or Dome again, here are some of our favourite winter recipes to keep you and your family warm.

Potato Pizza 

This carb-on-carb masterpiece is another epic creation from Thomas Straker (plus a little help from Tom Gozney). With thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary salt and oozing pecorino, it’s the ultimate people pleasing pizza fit for a winter feast.

Duck Confit Christmas Pizza

Mike Fitzick’s (@pizza_jew) got the best recipe for you – a duck confit and pear pizza baked on a NY dough base. Combining the awesome wintery flavours of quince jelly and confit duck, this pizza smells just like walking into your grandma’s house when she’s got the roast going (Mike’s words).

Lamb Kofte Recipe

Selin Kiazim’s Lamb Köfte recipe with spicy tomato sauce and flatbreads is the perfect marriage of flavours and everything you need for a warm winter recipe.

Pizza Calabrese Recipe

Check out this incredibly tasty Pizza Calabrese recipe by the legend Thomas Straker. Combining three toppings that are guaranteed to make any pizza pop: ‘Nduja, Smoked Pancetta and Fiore de Latte cheese.

Roast Beef Pizza Sando

Who doesn’t love a good steak sandwich? Beefy, tangy, umami rich and just generally awesome! Take that delicious rump cap, herby slaw, and nose tingly mayo, stuff it inside a freshly cooked pizza base and, boom! You’ve got yourself a pizza sandwich!

Cheeseburger Pizza

This one is absolute filth! A cheeseburger pizza by meat-loving Adam Purnell aka @shropshirelad. With a dough base, burger patties, bacon, cheese, and pickles, it’s the ultimate comfort food recipe.

Well, now that you are all set to use your pizza oven this winter, why don't you share some of your favourite winter recipes with us, just use the #gozneykitchen!