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The Ultimate Pizza Party Guide

Here at Gozney, the only thing we love more than pizza is a pizza party!

Pizza is the perfect party food. It’s easy to prepare, you can serve up a range of different toppings to suit all your guests’ tastes, and everyone can just help themselves. So, to help you organise and host the perfect pizza get-together, we have created the ultimate pizza party guide.

Before sending out invitations and firing up your Gozney Pizza Oven, give our pizza party guide a good read! Psst! Ready until the end for 3 pro tips!

How to host a pizza party?

First things first, how do you host a pizza party, anyway? The key is all in the preparation, which isn’t difficult at all... if you follow our guide.

Pizza Menu

One of the most important aspects of a pizza party (or any type of party) is selecting the menu!

To avoid frustrated guests, we advise asking them about their toppings preferences and if they have any sort of allergies or/and intolerances in advance. Planning your menu will give you time to buy the necessary ingredients to please all your guests.

Pizza Dough

It's not ideal for a pizza party to run out of pizzas. So, we recommend roughly calculating how many pizzas you need to make sure all your loved ones leave the party with their bellies full of delicious pizza.

Whether you are making or buying your pizza dough, ensure you have some extra just in case. You can always freeze some for your next pizza party. Check out our How to freeze your pizza dough blog for more instructions

If you are making your pizza dough here are a few important tips:

  • Stick with one pizza dough recipe
  • Use a pizza dough recipe you have already mastered
  • Keep it simple

    If you are looking for an easy and delicious pizza dough recipe - click here.

    In case one of your guests is allergic to gluten, we've got your back - Gluten Free Pizza Recipe.


    Now the fun part. Ok, so it really depends on the type of pizza party you are hosting. If your guests are seated and they all have plates, you can get very creative with your toppings. However, if your guests are walking around holding their pizza slices (at a kids birthday party for example), the best option is to keep toppings light. You don't want to clean a messy floor after the party!

    Checkout our Pizza Recipes for some inspiration.

    *Just another reminder - check with your guests for food allergies and intolerances and make sure you have toppings for everyone!

    Wood Fired Pizzas

    If you are planning to cook your pizzas using wood, bear in mind that it will take a little longer to heat up your Gozney Roccbox when using wood.

    To avoid long waits between pizzas, keep an eye on your Gozney Pizza Oven temperature and add more wood when needed

    For more information checkout our How to use Roccbox Wood Burner 2.0.

    What to serve with pizza


    You may be asking yourself, “what drinks go well with pizza?” but that’s the wrong question. The right question is, “what drinks don’t go well with pizza?” The answer to that question is none. There aren’t any drinks that don’t go well with pizza.

    Whether it's a summer cocktail, local craft beer, wine or you're looking for a non-alcoholic option, soda is a fantastic choice.


    Why not make some extra pizza dough and put it to good use? 

    For some inspiration checkout our 7 Amazing Recipes To Prepare with Leftover Pizza Dough. Our personal favourite are the Dough Nutz with Nutella ganache topped with chopped nuts!

    Or, as you know already, your Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven makes much more than just delicious pizza, impress your guests with some Chicken Wings or a hot, spicy and cheesy Naan.


    Dessert pizzas are the best of both worlds – a little something sweet that you can slice up and eat with your hands. With that in mind, why not prepare some truly mouth-watering dessert pizzas for your party goers?

    The Right Accessories

    Having the right accessories will make your hosting experience effortless!

    Checkout our range of professional-grade accessories, designed to complement your Gozney pizza oven and take your pizza party to the next level!


    Pro Tips!

  • Put the food where you want people to be.
  • Get your loved ones involved with the prep and cooking - it will take some of the work out of your shoulders and your guests will have a great time.
  • Have fun! Our products are here to help you create unforgettable memories and delicious food. Remember to share your moments with us by tagging us @gozney and using #pizzaisbettertogether