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7 Amazing Recipes To Prepare With Leftover Pizza Dough

From Calzones to Panuozzos, garlic bread to dessert, we've curated 7 mouth-watering recipes that will spark your pizza dough creativity and boost your pizza oven game!

So, the first question you have to ask yourself is - how creative am I willing to get? Our leftover pizza dough recipes vary in difficulty, so keep that in mind before beginning your new cooking adventure.

Another factor to consider is the occasion you are cooking for! Are you looking to prepare a meal, a side dish or a dessert? Whatever you decide, we got you covered!

1. Baked Camembert and Pizza Sticks

The Baked Camembert and Pizza Sticks is a versatile snack, perfect for an appetizer at a party! This recipe is incredibly easy to prepare and it only takes 10 minutes and 6 ingredients. If you love cheese this is a must try!

2. Meatball Panuozzo

Legend has it that Neapolitan pizza chefs would make this as a chef's treat (apparently, they were bored of regular pizza?!) and it’s easy to see why. These pitta/calzone/sandwich/pizza hybrids are great fun to make and even more fun to eat! Here, we’ve stuffed the panuozzo with the most incredibly flavor packed meatballs that you’re sure to end up making again and again…

3. Roast Beef Pizza Sando

Turn your leftover pizza dough into a steak sandwich. Beefy, tangy, umami rich and just generally awesome! Take that delicious rump cap, herby slaw, and nose tingly mayo, stuff it inside a freshly cooked pizza base and, boom! You’ve just used your pizza oven to make yourself a pizza sandwich! 


4. Ragu Calzone

This Ragu Calzone is undoubtedly delicious but maybe one you want to grab a knife and fork and sit down with instead! Or at the very least, don’t wear a white shirt! Super easy recipe to prepare for yourself and for the whole family.

5. Cheesy Miso Garlic Bread

Using two cheeses and the simple addition of a spoonful of miso paste will take your garlic bread (and your garlic butter in general) to new heights! Once you’ve had this umami packed garlic bread there’s no looking back.

6. Reuben Flatbread

The legendary Lee Tiernan, founder of Black Axe Mangal, brings us his BAM classic. If you love pastrami, gherkins, cheese and more cheese, this bad boy is the one for you… 

7. Dough Nutz

Use your pizza oven to turn leftover pizza dough into epic Nutella glazed deliciousness. Sweet and gooey Nutella ganache is topped with chopped nuts in one of our absolute favorite sweet recipes. This is a great use of leftover pizza dough but we're pretty sure you’ll find these tasty indulgent treats so good that you’ll be making extra dough every time!

Okay it's time to heat up your pizza oven and have some fun! Oh, and if our list didn't convince you and you still prefer to save your leftover pizza dough for the next pizza party, we got your back as well - How to freeze pizza dough.