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Mexican Pizza

By Jhy Coulter

Mexican Pizza

Mexican pizza recipe | pizza recipes

Everything you love about Tacos, on a pizza. This pie is packed full of Mexican flavours, taking inspiration from a well-known taco-joint and creating a unique version, cooked in Roccbox, by the incredible @devouredpopup.


Refried Beans  can / 213g)  

Ground Beef (½ a pound / 226g)  

Enchilada Sauce (1 cup / 236g)  

Ground Cumin 

Garlic Powder 

Chili Powder 

Dried Oregano 


Black Pepper 


All Purpose Flour 

Olive Oil 

Vegetable Broth 

White Vinegar 

Tomato Paste  

 Sour Cream (½ a cup / 4oz / 113)  

Spring Onions (2 tbsp / 1oz / 28g)  

Colby Jack Cheese or Monterey Jack or Cheddar (1 cup / 128g)  

Taco Seasoning Packet (1 packet)  

Diced Tomatoes (½ a cup / 113g) 

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Step 1:

Make your taco meat mix, by heating ground beef and taco seasoning in a hot cast-iron pan. Cook at around 300°C/572°F in your Roccbox or Dome until browned through.

Step 2:

Next, heat up your refried beans in a saucepan (adding a little water to soften them). 

Step 3:

To assemble, spread a thin layer of refried beans along the base of your pizza dough and top with a layer of enchilada sauce.

Step 4:

Once you have your bean and sauce base, add your cheese. Go light on your base ingredients, or it will weigh down the dough. 

Step 5:

Add the taco meat and place the pizza in your Gozney Pizza Oven at 400°C/752°F.

Step 6:

After cooking fully, garnish with fresh diced tomatoes, spring onions, and drizzle of sour cream. YUM! 

Recipe Contributor

Jhy Coulter

Chef Jhy aka Jhy-Sizzle-Patty of Devoured Pizza in Kansas City, MO is inspired to create dishes that give your palette a nudge by using a combination of ingredients in ways that make trying something new fun and exciting.


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