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Easy Tailgating Recipes For Football Season | Gozney

The best season of the year is finally here — tailgating season! Even if you don't have a team to cheer for, there's one thing we can all agree on: Tailgate food is an absolute touchdown. Whether you're a fan of the NFL or college football, these recipes loaded with buffalo wings, sandwiches and pizzas will have you rooting for game day.

So, call your friends and family over, turn up your Gozney outdoor oven and impress them with these delicious recipes! 

Spicy Buffalo Wings

No matter what the final score ends up being, these Buffalo Wings are truly delicious. Buffalo Wings are normally deep fried, here we’ve dried the wings out to give us that crispy deep fried skin, but because we’re cooking quickly at high temperatures in Roccbox, the meat will remain incredibly moist inside.

Hot Dog Detroit Style Pizza

It's not game day without hot dog right?! But how about adding hot dogs on a Detroit pizza? Sweet and charred fried onions pair brilliantly with the sharp gruyere cheese (mustard optional but advised). 

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

There may be a better tailgating dinner than ribs, but we haven't heard of it. Slow cooking these ribs means they will be fall off the bone soft and finishing in Roccbox gives the most incredible charred, sticky crust. You can make the BBQ sauce and slaw a couple of days in advance and even cook the ribs in the oven the day before too – just smother in the BBQ sauce and cook when your guests arrive…

Danger Dogs

Danger Dogs are a South American street food favourite that are ordinarily deep fried, but here, we utilise the stone floor in Roccbox to give us incredibly crispy bacon before using the bacon fat to cook the best hot dog onions ever!!  

Detroit Style Pizza

Deep dish Detroit style pizza might just be in-house Chef Joe’s favourite style of pizza. The cheese flow down the sides of the dough gives the most incredibly delicious crust. 

Texan Dalmatian Rubbed Steak

A classic Texan Dalmatian rub is made up of simply salt and black pepper (hence the name) and is normally used with brisket. We’ve paired it with this thick bone in rib eye and cooked it with a wood fire for a steak that has a stunning charred bark and beautiful pink centre. 

Margherita Pizza

The classic Margherita Pizza is a simple yet delicious recipe. Once your pizza oven is up to temperature you can be cooking pizzas in 90 seconds or less, ideal for your next tailgating party!

Halloumi & Pesto Veg Skewers

These skewers make an amazing tailgating meal, they’re super delicious and quick to make! 

Buffalo Chicken Detroit Style Pizza

Buffalo wings are a game night staple - and rightly so! But everything is improved with pizza so we set about working on this Detroit style buffalo chicken pizza.

Dough Nutz

Why not use use your leftover dough and Gozney outdoor oven to prepare these tasty treats for your guests next game-day?!

Roast Beef Pizza Sando

If you're waking up early for the big game, these pizza sandwiches will be a lifesaver. You can put them together the night before and they'll still be tasty the next day. 

Beer Marinaded Chicken with Spicy Fennel Salt

This recipe is super easy (you don’t even need a knife!) and the smell of the spicy fennel salt is in our top 5 favourite smells of all time! Make sure you marinade this for at least 24 hours as the beer’s going to need time to get into the meat.

Rump Beef Skewers with Chimichurri

A super simple but flavourful marinade and a beautiful South American dressing make these an absolute winner! Feel free to use sirloin, fillet or ribeye if you prefer- but rump breaks down really well with the marinade…

Hoisin Beef Short Rib Skewers

Beef short ribs (also known as Jacob’s Ladder) are usually seen in low and slow recipes. Here, we’ve utilised the incredibly hot dry heat found in Roccbox with a simple but flavour packed marinade meaning these skewers cook in around 5 minutes… 

Bone-In Ribeye Steak

Charring meat in Roccbox is great fun and incredibly tasty. The high temperatures achievable mean you can create an incredible ‘bark’ on the steak whilst retaining an amazing pink centre. Don’t be shy with the salt and pepper on your steak – it will seem a lot but this is what’s going to make our crust so good…

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Feel free to use your oven favourite BBQ sauce recipe for this pizza or even shop bought – but the below recipe is a great starting point if you’ve never made one before! Our cooked chicken was poached thigh as this tends to hold a bit more moisture when being reheated on the pizza, but again, feel free to use your favourite cut…

Thin & Crispy Pizza

A 48 hour ferment means this dough takes on the most incredible flavour and the addition of olive oil, coupled with a lower temperature, 5 minute bake time, results in the most incredible thin and crispy sourdough pizza. Definitely worth the wait….